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joi, 8 martie 2012

La multi ani!!! pentru toate femeile din viata mea...

Va urez un la multi ani plin de iubire!!!


Autor : MTM

There have been seven days from 1st of March. 
In seven days god made the earth: the land, the sea,
Some plants and trees and there it was...the wild

He washed his hands,
He was alone…
Alone with god
And one desire…

To have a mate
That understands…
Completes him every hour.

He went to god
And from his rib
He made a flower…
He made a jolly lullaby
It took him just an hour

He saw the thing
And she was sweet
His pulse increased
In power.

He stared a little
Just one bit
And figured what was power

For in that day
He realized,
He did not give a rib…

He gave his heart
Or so he thought…
She stole it…little thief.

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